​​Conflict and War Report (CWR) Has New Announcement on Ukrainian Fintech Banking Sector

Today, the Conflict and War Report (CWR) is pleased to announce its latest report on the Ukrainian banking and financial sectors. 
The report discusses the growth in the fintech sector and efforts made to combat transparency and compliance issues in the emerging financial markets. 
“As the conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues, we found it important to review the emerging virtual banking sector in the country,” stated Conflict and War Report Executive Director Bojan Stojkovski. “We will continue to look for ways to investigate banking manipulation in conflict zones around the globe.”  
The findings on Ukraine’s fintech banking sector are available on CWR: https://conflictandwarreport.com/europe-and-central-asia/successful-fintech-monobank-becomes-apple-of-discord-among-shareholders/
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Source: Conflict & War Report