“The Aphrodisiac of POWER” by Sir Oliver Popplewell is published

ISBN #978-1786230218

“The Aphrodisiac of POWER” by Sir Oliver Popplewell is published by Grosvenor House Publishing

About the Book:
The aphrodisiac of power is what causes politicians and others in high places to indulge in secret risk taking, usually involving sex. They have a craving for applause and recognition. They have an astonishing belief in their own good luck in remaining undiscovered. At the same time, they enjoy the excitement of what Oscar Wilde described as “Feasting with Panthers.” The risks they take involve danger and secrecy and are all a potent mix of spice and drug. Lloyd George, Gladstone Asquith, Disraeli and Dilke all indulged.

Newspaper magnates like the Harmsworths and Beaverbrook craved a different power. It was to use their papers to exercise control over politicians and seek to dictate policy. Criminals like Bottomley and Maundv Gregory fed on the gullibility of investors to amass fortunes. David Owen (former Foreign Secretary) described it as the “Hubris Syndrome” namely a concern with image, excessive confidence in their own judgements and exaggerated self-belief, bordering on a sense of omnipotence

About the Author:
Sir Oliver Popplewell was a distinguished High Court Judge who is now retired. He is author of the two autobiographies, Benchmark: Life, Laughter and the Law and Hallmark: A Judge’s Life at Oxford. He is also the author of the recently published and well-acclaimed novels The Prime Minister and His Mistress and A Fine Thing Chance.

Oliver received an MA and LLB from Cambridge University, a BA from Oxford University, an MA from LSE and BA from Buckingham University where he also holds an Honorary Doctorate in Law.

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