“Sophie: The Duchess De Kerstrat and Her Adventures in Monaco” by Denis Devaux

ISBN #978-1786236906

“Sophie: The Duchess De Kerstrat and Her Adventures in Monaco” by Denis Devaux is published by Grosvenor House Publishing

About the Book:
Sophie is a duchess and is divorced from her husband. She divorced her husband in 1865 in the middle of the 19th century. She had had enough of her husband. He was a philanderer. Now she likes boys and girls in their twenties. After her divorce, with some good money from her ex-husband, James de Kerstrat, she sets sail to Monaco to forget him and for a new life.

In Monaco, Sophie buys a house and hires two servants, Thomas and Sylvie. She makes the acquaintance of John, the Count Delgado. They become close but John does not know that, behind his back, Sophie is having a dalliance with Sylvie. However, in the end, John and Sophie marry.

About the Author:
Denis Devaux was born in Nantes in France and now lives in England. He trained as a cook. He has no diploma or academic qualifications and taught himself English.

Excerpt from the book:
“At 9.45 a.m. on Saturday, John and Sophie talk about their plans to get married. Of course, it will be in the church not very far from Sophie’s cottage and, of course, she will invite her parents. However, John doesn’t have parents, siblings or other relatives. His parents are dead for a few years now. So it is just Sophie, her parents and, Sarah, her sister, and Thomas and Sylvie.

Sophie asks John, “Can we be married as soon as possible?”
“Yes, of course, my darling,” replies John. “Maybe next Saturday?”
“Yes, my darling,” says Sophie. “It’s a good idea, darling. So it will be Saturday, 30 July. Yes, at 11am in the church.”
“Yes, okay!” says John.

At 11.30am Sophie thinks to present John to her parents and her sister. So Sophie and John decide to go and see her parents. It’s not too far away. They get ready, a good jacket for Sophie and a hat each, and then they leave. Both like to walk in the town of Monte Carlo, because it’s not very big. After forty-five minutes of walking, Sophie sees her parents’ house. It is the white house with the blue door and the blue shutters, with the name Hensley written on the door.

Sophie knocks on the door. After a few minutes, a man opens the door. Pierre, her father, says, “Hello, my daughter, you are welcome.”

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