“No Tall Heels to Tango” by Howard Jackson is published by Red Rattle Books

ISBN #978-1909086265
“No Tall Heels to Tango” by Howard Jackson is published by Red Rattle Books


About the Book:
It is May 2018 and below the equator the summer is over. Argentina is in the middle of another economic crisis and the Government is being given budgetary warnings by the International Monetary Fund. Inflation is high and the value of the Argentinean peso is falling. One Englishman returns to South America after an absence of ten years.

NO TALL HEELS TO TANGO remembers a 3000 mile journey made by a seventy year old lone traveller around a troubled Argentina. He visits Buenos Aires, wanders south to Patagonia and then travels north to the towns below the Andes. The Englishman meets people who want to talk about politics and football. Sometimes, though, they remember high heels and the tango and wonder whatever happened.

About the Author:
Howard Jackson was born on Merseyside and has spent most of his life in Liverpool. He has had numerous other books published by Red Rattle Books including Treat Me Nice, Innocent Mosquitoes, No Money Honey, Nightmares Ahead, Choke Bay, Horror Pickers, Nightmares and Lying Rogues and Mean And Dark.

Praise for Treat Me Nice
‘Immensely enjoyable and a stimulating read.’
Paul Simpson, Author, Penguin Rough Guides

Praise for Innocent Mosquitoes
‘Well written, evocative, atmospheric and with a very strong sense of place and Brazil, Howard Jackson can write. The reader is in safe hands.’
Clive Bradley, TV and film scriptwriter

Praise for No Money Honey
‘Jackson is the King of left wing Elvis fandom. He uses his status to create a satisfying demolition of the Tories.’
Tom Watson, Shadow Culture Secretary, British Labour Party

Praise for Choke Bay
‘Stunning, a marvellous mixture of supernatural horror and unrequited love.’
Crime Chronicles

Praise for Horror Pickers
‘A wondrous collection of horror film criticism, delivers exquisite insight into our favourite fright flicks.’
David Saunderson, The Spooky Isles

Praise for Mean And Dark
‘An addictive read, insightful, dark and fascinating.’
SB Horror Hothouse

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