“Lyrics & Lines” by ‘Carolus’ is published by Bollin Publishing Ltd.

ISBN #978-1786234766
“Lyrics & Lines” by ‘Carolus’ is published by Bollin Publishing Ltd.

Collection of beautiful verse from a mysterious poet & wordsmith

About the Book:
Written under the pseudonym “Carolus”, Lyrics & Lines is a book of poems written circa 1890 – 1900, possibly as a gift to one he had loved and lost.

Love, humour, moralisation and the macabre all come together in a most readable and enjoyable manner.

Who he was, when and exactly where he lived and his age at the time he wrote this book are unknown. That he was a modest man can be gleaned from his description of himself as “a poetaster”.

Beautifully written; these poems should not only appeal to lovers of poetry but to those who would never normally consider reading verse.

A few lines of verse from four of his poems to give you a flavour:
“Perhaps you will wonder what terrible trouble
Has ended my pleasure as bursteth a bubble;
It pains me to tell you, but briefly ’tis that
My darling canary’s been poached by my cat.”


“Lift up thy voice my Love and sweetly warble,
Carol a song than nightingale more clear;
Soft let me kiss thy throat as white as marble
That shyly tells thy love into mine ear.”


“By yonder bridge that spans the Avon 0’er,
Whose mighty arches stretch from shore to shore,
I chanced to wander once in careless wise,
Content alone to muse and moralize-“


“God’s purpose is unknown, we all are blind.
The way he wishes never can we find;
So that unanswered is the question still,
Why do we live, what purpose great fulfill?”

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