“Joshua Piecrust and his Alphabet of Rhymes” by Richard Evans is published

ISBN #978-1839752377
“Joshua Piecrust and his Alphabet of Rhymes” by Richard Evans is published
Each letter inspires a fun new poem in this entertaining collection of whimsical verse

About the Book:
Do you like rhymes? I’ll bet you do – the sillier the better, too!

Joshua Piecrust’s Alphabet’s about as dotty as it gets! For here you might meet anything: hamsters dance, bananas sing; a courteous dragon (and it’s simply chilling what became of him!) An octopus? Well, count the legs! Find out where elephants lay their eggs!

Piecrust’s left some gaps for you to play at writing nonsense, too.

Grown-ups might want this book on loan: advise them, “Go and buy your own!” or else keep very careful track in case you never get it back!

About the Author:
In his time, Richard Evans has been an art student, has run a hostel for homeless men, slogged his way through 30 more-or-less overcast years of pen-pushing in an office, and now with inexpressible relief basks in the sunshine of retirement.

When not fully engaged in pottering harmlessly about, he writes nonsense in various forms, pretends to be a wood-carver, and meditates twice every day. Richard is the father of the internationally-known singer-songwriter, Emi Evans, and he lives with his Japanese wife in an old cottage in rural Dorset.

Excerpt from the book:

C ….is for Camels

Camels are humpy and lumpy and grumpy
and look on the world with disdain.
They sing in the bath if there’s nobody near
with a voice like a stomach in pain.
It’s pretty unwise to invite one to dinner
(that is, if you’ll take my advice).
They chew sideways, I fear, without closing their mouths
which is not, let’s be frank, very nice.
They have too many elbows and too many knees;
when they sit or lie down, without fail
they collapse in instalments with all of the grace
of a deck-chair confronting a gale,
while maintaining that same supercilious sneer
(a small but distressing detail).
Some camels have one hump and some have a pair –
why not add a few more at your leisure?
Arranged fore-and-aft or perhaps side-by-side,
with a head at each end for good measure.
Though their faces and figures give cause for concern,
though their manner lacks polish and fizz,
camels’ hearts are undoubtedly In The Right Place –

except we’re not sure where that is.

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