“Is Happiness a Cigar Called Hamlet?” by Sujit Bhattacharjee is published by Grosvenor House Publishing

ISBN #978-1839750434

“Is Happiness a Cigar Called Hamlet?” by Sujit Bhattacharjee is published by Grosvenor House Publishing

Philosophical reflections on the history and meaning of happiness and practical insights on how to live a happy life

About the Book:
Happiness is a quest known to human beings from ancient times. Against the backdrop of the recent surge of interest in positive psychology and the emergence of a vast happiness industry, this book attempts to explore the history and meaning behind this phenomena.

It also considers happiness as viewed by major spiritual and non-spiritual religions, as well as various thinkers and academics and practitioners.

The author, Sujit Bhattacharjee, outlines several ideas and practices suggested on how to achieve happiness and also his personal reflection and understanding of what happiness is and possible ways to live a joyful life.

About the Author:
Sujit Bhattacharjee was born in India and has lived in the United Kingdom for over 52 years. Educated both in Kolkata and London, he holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Political Science, Law and International Relations. After working across the British Civil Service for 35 years, Sujit retired from the Ministry of Defence in 2004. Since then, he is best known as a writer and speaker on various cultural and socio-political issues.

This is Sujit’s second book. His first book entitled “My Journey from an Asian British to British Asian” was an autobiography of his life and experiences of living both in India and in the UK and an exploration of the view that one’s identities can be both multiple and situational.

Excerpt from the Book:
“There are three proven cornerstones of a happy and contented life- the self, bringing joy into other people’s life and the beauty of all that is around us. Happiness lies in exploring each of these elements to flourish bearing in mind that that they have always been at the heart of various practices and paths to help people live life joyfully”.

“Happiness is the joyful experience of living in this beautiful world and enjoying every minute of it with fellow human beings and in communion with nature. Happiness is, certainly, more than a cigar called Hamlet.”

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