“Good Parent Bad Parent” by Michael Hobbs is published

ISBN #978-1789557022
“Good Parent Bad Parent” by Michael Hobbs is published

This is a helpful book for anyone who has felt alienated by their family

About the Book:
This book explains what it feels like to be alienated by your family and go through stages of guilt, blame and isolation. In doing so, it shows how those who experience alienation in this way may not be at blame and need not feel the shame that often flows from it.

To readers of this book, many of whom have been alienated by those who once loved them and felt anger, frustration and deep sense of injustice and inequality, what you learn by reading this book is that you need not feel helpless and you can come to terms with the aftermath of an abusive partner, spouse, parent or carer.

In time, you will come to terms with it, but in the meantime, hang in there, keep strong, remember that above all, you are worthy of love and hope for that special breakthrough day, which will come.

Excerpt from the book:
“Blame is the one emotion that most of us parents in this situation, all feel to a greater or lesser extent. Blame is the one emotion that we alienated parents should not carry because it is not our blame to carry. The unburdening of blame is one of the primary outcomes that I would wish for you, the reader, whether you are an alienated parent or child.

Throughout this book I shall refer to alienated children, alienated parents and alienators and I feel that some explanation / definition needs to be given to these titles. After all, they are the whole subject of this book.

Alienated Children are the primary victims in all this. In general, although they may portray nothing but hate towards the alienated parent, they will almost certainly still have naturally strong feelings of love and care for them. However, it is not uncommon that they may well be required or encouraged to suppress those feelings. The alienated children almost certainly will be the victims of being allowed/encouraged to hate their alienated parent for whatever reasons they have been told or allowed to believe. Because of the abuse they have experienced, they also may have significant feelings of personal guilt and self-blame for the process that they believe that they are involved in. This guilt and self-blame may be compounded because the alienated children may feel that although they may have wanted this alienation to happen in the past, their intense feelings have now tempered with time. However, the reality is that they rarely have any significant input to this awful process apart from demonstrating complete compliance with the alienator.

The problem is that our alienated children do not realise that they do not play a principal role in the alienation at all, they are just the primary victim and the alienator’s prize.”

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