“Gatsby Stays at Home” by Georgina Fallstrom is published

ISBN #978-1839753695
“Gatsby Stays at Home” by Georgina Fallstrom is published

A day in the life of a rather rambunctious dog

About the Book:
The misadventures of a very spirited, very real little black cocker spaniel. When he is left home one day, playful misbehaviour and mayhem ensues.

A jolly picture book for pre-schoolers, detailing the funny escapades of a mischievous dog named Gatsby. The entertaining illustrations in the book are depictions of the shenanigans as they actually happened.

About the Author:
Georgina Fallstrom is the mother of two playful little boys, and owner of a rambunctious spaniel. She finds the time to write books for preschoolers between picking up half-chewed toys (sometimes children’s, sometimes dog’s), and singing “the wheels on the bus” for the 78th time that day. She lives in the leafy suburbs of Hampton Court, where her long-suffering husband, Max, has been forced into owning his first pair of wellies and brushing up on his knowledge of all things Henry VIII. Georgina used to be proud owner of an extensive shoe collection, but now has an impressive assortment of only left or only right shoes, the rest having been torn to shreds by a certain canine. She actually wanted a Labrador, but there you go.”

Amazon Reviews of this book:

5.0 out of 5 stars Joyful and uplifting
5 December 2020

I bought this book for my great grandchildren and they love it. It is a joyous romp through Gatsby’s naughty yet endearing mischievousness. The pictures are extraordinarily good in how they simultaneously capture his feelings of guilt while he still implores for forgiveness. The final line of the book along with the last photo opposite is achingly heart-warming.

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful book, thoughtfully made
5 December 2020

I recently bought this beautiful book for my 2 year old dog obsessed daughter, she loves it so much, we read it several times a day! She loves the cheeky pictures and the questions make each read a little varied, which is a great thing for any parent who reads the same books on regular rotation. I would absolutely recommend to any and all puppy loving inquisitive little people.

claudette eldridge
5.0 out of 5 stars What a gorgeous book with a delightful story, wonderful pictures and the most endearing do
5 December 2020

I bought this for my grandson….
He just ADORED the book!
I had to read it again and again and he was learning the vocabulary too!
Such a delightful story with wonderful pictures.
I can’t recommend highly enough.

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