“From the Elusive Muse’s Lexicon” by Garry B. Grove

ISBN #978-1839753022

“From the Elusive Muse’s Lexicon” by Garry B. Grove is published by Grosvenor House Publishing

About the Book:
From the Elusive Muse’s Lexicon is a second volume of poetry to accompany the earlier, “A Storm in Pandora’s Tea Box”. It touches upon a diverse range of subjects, from a homage to London’s beloved River Thames, a trilogy of Coventry poems anticipating the City’s role as UK City of Culture in 2021, tributes to departed musician friends, plus reflections upon sources of inspiration and sometimes consternation, as we navigate a course through life’s amazing and often challenging journey.

About the Author:
Garry B. Grove is a native son of Warwickshire, England although his paternal family originated from London. His familial roots can be traced back over many centuries in the British Isles and beyond. He grew up with a love of the Warwickshire countryside and an inveterate respect for the natural environment from an early age.

Garry has spent most of his life working at the sharp end of manufacturing industry in locations as diverse as Belfast, Northern Ireland, the Industrial Midlands of the UK, Detroit, USA and Munich, Germany. He has also travelled widely.

In parallel, he has been a lifelong lover of poetry, literature and the arts, including music and painting. He has been writing poetry since his late teens, much of which featured in his first collection entitled “A Storm in Pandora’s Tea Box” (2010).

All proceeds from “From the Elusive Muse’s Lexicon” will be donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust. Garry lives with his wife, Isabelle, near Rugby, Warwickshire and has two sons, one of whom now resides in New Zealand.

Sample poem from the collection:
“In the Globe and Rose there Shake-Speare sounded,
Where Milton and Blake did first awake,
Here Boswell listened as Johnson expounded,
Where Dickens walked the dark streets of his prose
In this city that never sleeps, of Marlowe
And of Pepys, heaven knows
Their legacy into its very fabric seeps,
Where the distant past and future meets
As the sacred river flows, contains
London’s pulse, its heart and veins,
Yet the ancient river rolls on to make
Its way with great momentum, the quantum
And invention, under lows and highs of London skies
Within its people’s daily joyfulness and strife,
To crystallize the hopes and dreams that rise
Along its winding course through London life.”

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