“Czech Mate: Don’t Shoot the Journalist” by Mira Mack is published by New Generation Publishing

ISBN #978-1800319172

About the Book:
Early in the 1990s, the Czech Republic was changing, desperately trying to enter a western capitalistic lifestyle. But the change was slow motion compared to the turbulent life of a young female journalist trying to do it all – end her first marriage, mother two kids, while drowning in lots of work. One could also say – divorcing chin first, pulling new jobs while juggling old jobs, surrounding herself with loyal friends, and marrying a new man, the love of her life, who was – ooohh my god! – a foreigner… how scandalous!

She is forced to fight with old traditional thinking, the socialistic school system, and a judgemental society. But she is never alone – with the help of her faithful friends, family and a refreshing dose of humour, she finally wins her life game of Czech Mate. And finally, a fresh start. Canada – here they come!

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Excerpt from the book:
‘After a sleep of what seemed only a few minutes, the phone rang. I reached behind my head, found the telephone receiver and hoarsely said, “Yes?”
“I’m in a jam,” the other end whispered.
“Everyone is in a jam. Who am I talking to?”
“Ivana. I can’t talk aloud. Yesterday, actually this morning, I returned home and didn’t even have time to take off my shoes when my old man yelled at me: ‘Where were you?! And don’t tell me you were at Vaclava’s place, because she just called.’”
“Shit!” I was never a good strategist.
“I was told you told him I wasn’t at your place.”
“Clever boy. And were you?”
“I was, but I left early. Because I missed him so much.”
“So that’s OK; I told him the same thing. Next time you expect to be with me, at least tell me about it, so I won’t call when you are with me.”
I smashed down the receiver and went to make myself a coffee. I had hardly taken five steps when I stumbled over someone’s prostrate body. Dead body; crossed my mind. They snapped Melnek’s neck and left him on my carpet. Now he will stay here until I pay 10,000 crowns. When I pay they will snap my neck to prevent me ratting on them.
I knelt down beside the dead body, turned it, and at last reality dawned on me. This dead body had long blonde hair and snored like a bricklayer.’

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