“Cold Revenge” by Bip Wetherell is published

ISBN #979-8616306333

“Cold Revenge” by Bip Wetherell is published

An excellent collection of 14 gripping short stories

About the Book:
A ‘Gambling Man’ tries to win the money but will he win the girl? What kind of man kidnaps a child and leaves him alone in a cold dark place? In a relationship, can ‘A Worm Really Turn’? In the future, men live alone in capsules depending on the mainframe computer to take care of everything. An R.A.F. officer seeks ‘Cold Revenge’ when he discovers the real truth behind his parents’ accident. How do you gain revenge on a wife who no longer has any interest in your marriage? A top radio disc jockey is supposed to entertain his public, not murder them!

See what you think after reading ‘Cold Revenge’.

About the Author:
Bip Wetherell is a retired musician and businessman still doing occasional Gigs with sixties pop group ‘The Tornados’. He also raises money for ‘ProsTaid’, a local Prostate Cancer Charity, putting on theatre shows and live music, concerts and festivals. Bip’s first novel was entitled “Chopped” and he is currently working on his second novel “The Reluctant Assassin”. He lives in Corby, England and is married to Elaine and has four children.

Excerpt from the Book:
“Alan was captivated by the carousel and stood watching it. Billy just sat down on the grass bored.
“I want an ice cream,” said Billy.
“Wait until Lynda has finished. I cannot get you an ice cream as she has the money.”
‘Do you want to go on the carousel, son?” A strange man with a squinty eye had bent down to talk to Alan.
“I can’t, I’ve got no money, and I have to watch my little brother.”
“No problem,” said Squinty. “The first ride is free and I’ll look after your little brother for you.”
‘Would you?” Alan’s reply excitedly.
“Of course I will, son.” Squinty lifted Alan onto the carousel, waited for it to start moving and, looking down at Billy said, “Do you want an ice cream, son?”
Young Billy enthusiastically nodded his head and held the man’s hand whilst they walked away to find the ice cream stall.
Lynda was on the waltzer, Alan was on the carousel.
Lynda, Alan, their mum and Dad never saw Billy again.”

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