“Burred Screws” by C. T. Lee is published by New Generation Publishing

ISBN #978-1789557602

“Burred Screws” by C. T. Lee is published by New Generation Publishing

Extraordinary & riveting stories about real-life relationships

About the Book:
This book tells no tales; it speaks someone’s mind.
None of it can be helped.
None of it can be undone.
Some of it may be true.

This is a short book about relationships real or imagined and the cost of their distractions. Rest assured that every word is caked with autobiographical detail or other fantasies.
A cacophony of joy and misery awaits.

Excerpt from the book:
“And we’re back in the room. The walls change their material and geography gradually, but the confinement is unyielding. It’s a petrified voyage from concreted greenfield to polluted Parisian goldfish bowl, to life above a rural slurry tank and then a cramped, messy London flat I do not own or share.

All attention on the scar, once more: I woke up with an urge to cut my face this morning, just a line here or there. The itchy pains and weeping wound that come with it put me off. I hate myself and the situation I’m in. Still, I never looked tough enough to be left in peace, never looked like I’d fight for it with all of my energy. Perhaps I should acquaint some people with some harsh facts, get my scars the easy way and have the satisfaction of earning them publicly. I’m fit enough to do it, to hold my own, but then what? The scar-face look is hardly going to boost my job prospects, get me into some halfway decent office post. No, this is wrong: I won’t live long enough for such things to matter. I have enough to involve myself with until I can earn my title and carry the scars remotely through some obscure, critical analysis of another fool’s pain and suffering.

I know why I feel this way: I should’ve dropped her when I realised I didn’t have a certain future. I’m not angry at her; I’m selfish and stupid.”

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