“Baby Dreams” by Louise Warneford is published

About the Book:
When, after 18 unexplained miscarriages, Louise Warneford was finally able to carry a baby to full-term, she felt overwhelming gratitude to those who had made this birth possible. She knew that without UK Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician Dr Hassan Shehata’s diagnosis and successful treatment of a problem with her body’s natural killer cells, and the expert fertility service provided by the doctors at the Gynem Clinic in Prague, she would have remained childless. This book tells how she went from almost constant grief and loss to the joy she has found today. The name of this joy is William Oliver Warneford, and he is now two years old.

“Louise was brave and persevered with the unusually high number of miscarriages. She was quite determined to succeed and both her and her partner deserved a chance to be parents. I was very pleased to have managed to help them succeed and be part of such an incredible journey.”

(Dr Hassan Shehata, Centre for Reproductive Immunology and Pregnancy)

Excerpt from the Book:
“I’ve read about other couples who struggle to conceive and in some ways their experiences and feelings are similar to mine and Mark’s. After repeated failure of conception, the romance of their relationship is replaced by science: charts, temperatures and diagrams take the place of kisses, cuddles and sometimes even joy itself. Performance becomes less about providing mutual satisfaction and more about reaching targets. The aim of conceiving a child takes precedence and the days of lovemaking ‘just for fun’ become a thing of the past. Obviously, this can put a strain on even the strongest relationship, with blame and recrimination creeping in like a poisonous gas.

Apart from a couple of occasions (my very first IVF and the first occasion in Prague), my initial fertility treatment was always successful, so Mark and I didn’t really have the problems that these couples experience. But there was still hurt and anger, on both sides. My own hurt couldn’t be blamed on Mark; it was simply one part of my natural feeling of loss. And my anger was mostly the result of frustration at my seemingly never-ending plight, although there were times when I was angry with myself for being unable to accept life without a child of my own.”

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