Looking for a New Job? Create a Plan!


Since the collapse of the financial markets I began thinking about what if feels like to get laid-off.  Over the past ten years job layoffs have become very commonplace.  Although many layoffs have nothing to do with job performance you still feel rejected having been run out of an organization and your self-esteem suffers.


The stages of grief for losing a loved one are the same for losing a job:



Remember you are a unique person with a broad depth of experience and skills.  Do not let a layoff rob you of your self-esteem


Panic and Negative Self Talk


Unfortunately you may begin to feel very anxious about your future with a blanket of dread coming over you.  You may start to wonder where your next job will come from and even fantasize you will never again be employed.  You are not a fortune- teller and you don’t know what the future will bring so if you are going to fantasize why not fantasize about having found your dream job. 


Make a Plan


If you create a job-hunting plan and stick to the plan regardless of how you feel you will eventually get a job.   So don’t panic and head out into the market like a crazy person instead be sure to do the following:



Once you’ve landed an interview don’t put all your hope in getting the job.  Remember if you’ve gotten one interview you will get more.  Focus on the type of position you want.


The Interview


Anxiety can immobilize you.  Remember your feelings are a product of your thoughts.  Watch out for the automatic negative self-talk.  If you have the thought “I will be rejected” on your way to an interview let the thought flow right past you; don’t grab on to the thought and mull it over let it go.  Learn to recognize the distortions in your negative thinking. 


What are the potential outcomes of a job interview?


You go to the job interview but the job doesn’t interest you.  At least you were able to practice your interviewing skills.


You go to the interview and they are interested in you but you are not interested in the job.  The fact they want to hire you shows you are marketable. 


You go to the interview and feel excited about the job but they are not interested in you.  So what, it wasn’t meant to be.   Go on to the next interview and be glad there are jobs out there that excite you!


You go to the interview and it is a good fit!  Congratulations on your new job.

Good luck on your search!  Let me know how it goes.


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